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** Stardust_alley Graphics **
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Merry Christmas! {REQUEST POST} 
24th-Dec-2008 06:41 pm
Naruto - Crazy colored Naruto closeup

To help everyone celebrate the holidays, an icon request post has been opened here at stardust_alley! All requests will be filled! Merry Christmas!

Copy and paste the text featured in the textbox below into a comment, I'll make the icon, and you can enjoy! ♥ Comment, comment, go, go, go!

I'm working furiously to get these completed.
Once I get over 100 watchers or another holiday rolls around, there will be another request post. ♥
29th-Dec-2008 09:03 am (UTC)
If I'm not totally bummed out on icon making once I get all the requests are filled, I'll try to make you a few more. ♥ I love to help people. I wish the helpfulness in me had an off button. XD; It gets me in over my head IRL.

I had to take a break and make two new layouts to keep myself from not wanting to make icons for a while. Ah! LoL!
29th-Dec-2008 11:48 am (UTC)
Don't even worry about me! I would have to take a month off of working on graphics if I did what you do! I'll just keep poking my head back in to see if you're EVER unbusy.

Funny thing is, I've finally found my 'off' switch for the helpfulness in me. I was surprised at how...in charge and powerful it felt. I hope you find the switch.

Breaks are essential to keep from burn out!
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