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Icon Requests 
26th-Dec-2010 01:18 pm
Naruto - Crazy colored Naruto closeup

I'm snowed in and have a cold! ): Therefore, icon requests are open! ALL REQUESTS WILL BE FILLED! ♥

Examples of my work:

29th-Dec-2010 11:37 pm (UTC) - Re: I don't even know you... but I already love you for this :3
Thanks! You are so nice! I try my best since english it's not my mother tongue :P

And... I made for you a whole Tezuka/Fuji album xDDDDD


I read that another person wants the same Because TeFu it's THAT awesome XD So you can choose from there :3 (Even if not all of the pics are just Tezuka and Fuji, to me they are so cute <3)

I hope it's helps x3
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